East Park Radiator was started in 1962 as a radiator repair and battery facility. Since its inception, East Park Radiator has evolved into a major repair facility servicing radiators, tube and shell heat exchangers, aftercoolers, inner coolers, air exchanger, and keel coolers for the marine oilfield industry. After years of extensive keel cooler repairs, East Park Radiator has applied its knowledge and experience into developing its own keel cooler known as the DURAWELD® Keel Cooler. East Park Radiator obtained insight, through the failures and the concerns of its customers that resulted in several significant changes to its DURAWELD® Keel Cooler. These changes resulted in a higher quality durable product with an exceptionally fast delivery time.

East Park Radiator is committed to providing impeccable quality and service to its customers through continued research, design and testing of its own products and the other products it services for the marine and oilfield industry.